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- Contribution with a text in the catalogue 'KAGURA BREATH'. Davide di Taranto's solo exhibition at Weber & Weber of Turin. Dec 2015 - Jan 2016.


- Contribution with a text in the catalogue 'Roma 2015. Visioni. Architetture per il Terzo Millennio'. Presented in MAXXI of Rome in October 2015.

- Collaboration with a text about 'Filant paisatges viscuts'' Toni Grau's solo exhibition in Spain. December 2014.

- Collaboration with the newspaper 'El Ibérico' of London from 2013 to 2014.

- 'Una conversación con Rubén Fuentes Fuertes' , text for the catalogue of DIMINUTIVO. A Rubén Fuentes solo exhibition in the Centro de Arte contemporáneo of Cuenca, Spain.

- 'Detalles Cotidianos' , text for the catalogue of Rubén Fuentes retrospective in Centro Cultural la Asunción of Albacete, Spain.

- http://www.fuentesfuertes.es/ABOUT-ME-CV

- http://www.makma.net/?s=Miguel+Mallol&submit=Buscar

- http://blog.artlyst.com/chasing-the-ephemeral-art

- Collaboration as a blogger with articles in the Art Consulting website www.amparela.com /

- 'El Mundo' Valencia. Colaboration in culture department writing about art exhibitions in Valencia from March 2006 to February 2007.

- Grant from Banusaidi Association to make a research and write the book: ESTUDI HISTÒRIC ARTÍSTIC DE L'ESGLÉSIA DE BENEIXIDA. 2002

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